N&C X Mogador Theatre, the sucess story of Yield in a theatre

Olivier Lazzarini, Sales and Marketing Director at Mogador Theatre (Stage Entertainment), talks about implementing Yield Management in the theatre.

Can you tell us about the Mogador theatre? What do you do here?

Mogador Theatre is a French subsidiary created in 2005 from a Dutch company founded nearly 30 years ago by Joop van den Ende. It is present in 5 countries with a network of 17 theatres. Sold in November 2018 to an American family, Stage Entertainment, it operates theatres and produces shows under licence (notably and mainly Disney, RUG, Little Star, etc) or on its own.

When did the collaboration between N&C and Mogador begin? What were your expectations?

The collaboration began in 2021 with the Lion King show. We called on N&C because we wanted to optimise the occupancy of the venue and incorporate an inclusive dimension, while preserving the margin.

What solution did N&C come up with? What results were achieved?

N&C carried out an audit of past sales and occupancy rates for us. Finally, we were helped to revise the seating plan with a variety of recommendations. In particular, we followed the recommendation to increase the number of categories. We were able to reduce price differences, to make it easier to move from one category to another.

After analysing the heat zones, we revised the price grid. Prices were adjusted upwards and downwards to encourage customers to fill up.

We implemented the recommendations for the new season of The Lion King. Sales began in June, with nearly 30,000 tickets sold to date, in line with our projections!

Was this your first time doing RM?

With a more supported approach, yes. We already had dynamic pricing, but on a constant floor plan basis.

N&C helped us with the audit and recommendations for implementation, which included moving from 6 to 8 categories.

In phase 2, we plan to train an in-house revenue manager and equip them with an optimisation tool (revbell).

The success of N&C’s Yield approach

Any final thoughts?

What I appreciated about the collaboration was the balance between expertise from other sectors and exchanges with stakeholders. This enabled us to highlight and take into account our specific characteristics. A team that teaches, that is available and that was able to immerse itself in the reality of our daily lives, beyond the figures.

The audit also led us to include the creation of a dedicated function in our medium-term plans.

As you can see, Yield or Revenue Management applies perfectly to the world of culture and the theatre. Thank you to the team at Mogador Theatre for their renewed confidence!

Do you have similar needs or problems? Let’s talk about your project together!

And to make the most of the magnificent Lion King show at the Théâtre Mogador Theatre, N&C advises you to book now!

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