Gîtes de France chooses N&C to train its collaborators in Revenue Management

Can you introduce yourself?

I’m Emmanuelle Jovani, Head of Network Development and Human Resources at Gîtes de France®. As such, I am also in charge of the Gîtes de France® Academy.

Since it was founded in 1955, Gîtes de France® has established itself as a committed and responsible player in the field of tourism. It is a network of tourist accommodation in private homes, with over 42,000 owners offering more than 55,000 types of accommodation.

How did you come to work with N&C?

Our objective was to give Gîtes de France® owners and agencies the possibility of adjusting the rates of their accommodation according to the market and the periods. It was precisely to achieve this objective that we sought N&C’s expertise. We wanted our agencies to acquire best practice in revenue management and pricing.

How did you find out about N&C?

Mainly through the network. Having worked in the hotel industry throughout my career, I have come to know N&C as a benchmark for many years.

What did you think of the training format?

What I particularly appreciate about working with N&C is that they took the time to understand our network. Our structure is unique, very different from a network of hotels or holiday centres offering standardised accommodation. Each accommodation within our Gîtes de France® network is unique, with its own special features and opening times. N&C took the time to understand the way we work, the DNA of Gîtes de France and our needs.

For me, what sets N&C apart is their ability to offer tailor-made training, perfectly adapted to our specific objectives, but also in harmony with our culture and our desire to build customer loyalty. They have been able to adapt by offering operational training courses of moderate duration and at a distance, given the geographical dispersion of our employees across France. This flexibility has contributed to increased participation in training by our teams.

In fact, we started offering N&C training to our collaborators 3 years ago, and to date we have trained 120 people, 60 of whom will be trained in 2023!

What feedback do you get from your collaborators?

Our collaborators’ feedback on our training courses is positive. They find them very comprehensive and in line with their expectations. The final module, which focuses on improving Excel skills, enables the levers and RM best practices detailed in the previous modules to be put into practice. Participants appreciate the teaching approach, the practical content tailored to their needs, and the clarity and pace of the teaching.

What are your expectations for training in the future?

The intention is to continue our collaboration with N&C, particularly because Revenue Management is a very important lever in our business. We need to continue to improve in this area. We particularly appreciate the fact that N&C is always challenging itself and suggesting new modules for the future. We’re very pleased with this proactive approach!

Would you like to add anything?

N&C has become a trusted partner for the Gîtes de France® network. Their commitment was demonstrated by their presence at our events such as the Autumn University in Avignon, where they led awareness-raising sessions for our staff. They also took part in our awareness-raising initiatives on subjects such as pricing during the Olympic Games. In short, N&C is a partner we can count on, and we greatly appreciate their contribution to the success of the Gîtes de France® Network.

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