France Thermes calls on N&C to steer its Revenue Management

Can you introduce yourself?

I’m Marie ZNAMIEC, Sales and Marketing Director of the France Thermes Group. We manage several spas and have developed a spa resort concept. These establishments offer a complete range of treatments, including accredited thermal cures and thalassotherapy-type well-being treatments. They also offer accommodation, catering and a range of activities. The France Thermes story began more than 10 years ago, with our first resort, Bo’resort, located in Bagnoles de l’Orne. Today we have 6 resorts.

How did you come to work with N&C?

Following the departure of our in-house Revenue Manager, we reviewed our strategy and decided not to fill the full-time position immediately. That’s why we called on your services. Today, we benefit from the services of a dedicated consultant with whom we have regular weekly discussions.

We’ve been working with Sylvain since 2022, and N&C offers us a back-up when he goes on leave.

How did our consultant work with the existing team and the processes already in place? How did the integration go?

Sylvain is an integral part of our team, even though he is an external member. We organise ourselves around weekly briefings and monthly meetings with general management and our Chairman to discuss the figures.

Sylvain works with the sales and marketing teams, and is in daily contact with our BtoB and BtoC teams, as we make quite a few sales offers. The objective is to know whether we are taking on a particular group, a particular seminar, whether we are making a particular offer with a particular direct partner, etc. We call on him for his expertise and challenge him.

Then, depending on our internal strategy and our sales policy, we make decisions and take direction together, with the managers of the various sites.

Overall, how would you rate the experience of working with N&C?

In addition to the day-to-day monitoring of Revenue Management, we also worked with another member of the N&C team, Florent, who helped us choose our future accommodation reservation software (PMS).

He was commissioned by our Information Systems Director (ISD). We worked together on specifications, possible solutions and N&C’s recommendations. We also had the opportunity to meet software publishers with Florent.

And we are very satisfied with the support we have received from N&C.

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