Can we be passionate about Revenue Management?

It may seem a strange question, but it’s a valid one. Being passionate about your work is a blessing. Too many employees work out of necessity, expecting nothing more than a pay packet at the end of the month. Work then becomes a necessary evil, a means of earning a decent living, or at least of paying the rent and all the expenses of daily life.

It would be a shame to leave it at that. But whose fault is that? The jaded employee who has no interest in any job? The employer who doesn’t know how to give meaning to the work of his employees or who leads such a difficult life that the little flame is quickly extinguished?

Passion: a core value at N&C

At N&C, we are convinced that passion for one’s work is a matter of adhesion, a meeting of minds between the two players, the employee and the manager.

Passion as such requires a certain mindset: whatever the field, from stamp collectors to inveterate travellers, from circus enthusiasts to car racing fans, they all have one thing in common: the passionate person knows how to get excited. Their eyes light up whenever they are asked to talk about their favourite subject. It’s this state of mind, this gleam in the eye, that we look for in job interviews.

The ball is then in our court: it’s our turn to show enthusiasm in the way we work, to talk about the intellectual richness of our profession, the satisfaction we get from solving difficult problems, the joy of seeing a team grow, of training young talent who are taking off, and of seeing satisfied customers who thank us warmly at the end of a great project.

And even if Revenue Management can be mysterious and sometimes austere, it conceals a whole host of subtleties that make it extremely seductive: finding the right angle to solve a problem, constructing the right indicator, finding the right graph to illustrate a situation clearly, adapting the right lever to a new sector, removing a constraint or getting round it… After more than 20 years of practice each, even our founders are still coming up with new ideas and intellectual challenges.

MR is never finished. It is more a path than a destination.

All reasons that can make the work exhilarating. But let’s go further: doubting, sweating, breaking your teeth on a difficult analysis, stumbling, getting help and starting again, to finally succeed. What a thrill! It’s much more exhilarating to arrive at the top of the mountain, exhausted and thirsty, to fully savour the reward of the panorama before us, than to be satisfied with a less tiring postcard, syrup in hand and feet on the desk.

Passion allows us to build up this infinite reservoir of positivity that we can draw on when the going gets tough. Just as a hiker draws on his reserves, aware that the goal is not far off and that there’s no turning back.

So yes, the candidate who fits into this scheme will make a good colleague for N&C. An employee for whom we’ll want to excel, who we’ll put in the best possible conditions to see his or her eyes shine again from time to time.

This dimension is so important to us that we’ve made it a value. A value to be shared and cultivated, both internally and with our customers. And the best reward for everyone, employers and employees alike, is to see the enthusiasm and the wonderful state of mind that prevails in our offices.

We’ve lit a fire. Thank you, every member of our team, for helping to keep the flame burning every day.

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