N&C’s story

N&C is a consulting company specialized in pricing, revenue management and revenue integrity


Given that many eligible areas do not implement Revenue Management and that even companies with advanced level in Revenue Management do not exploit the demand to full advantage, we have decided to found N&C. Our consulting compay is dedicated to producing revenue for you. This is our engagement.

We offer a variety of solutions that will allow you identify an exhaustive list of levers for optimization in order to drive you many steps further in the definition and management of your fare range:

  • We assess your revenue opportunities,
  • We prioritise the different steps,
  • We guide you through the operational development of your projects.

We are not afraid of getting our hands dirty with the datas. We are driven by the desire of transfering our know-how and training your team. This is our DNA.

Our consultants benefit from a strong operational experience. They have been in your shoes and have gone through the same issues. Tools will be a significant help in decision-making but people must also be a focus and we care to increase their skills.

We work closely with you to build revenue.

Our convictions

N&C’s Founders take the floor


« Software publishers promise moon and stars! So, one can feel tempted to place all hopes in tools. But automated recommandations have become impenatrable since an incredible number of variables are registered to cover all the business needs.
Tools have improved from better to more complex, then became unsuitable for further use but data stocking. The quality of a tool lies in the analyst’s confidence in its recommendations and only the pair « Analyst+Tool » must mature, not only the tool. You would better bet on a tool which completes simple tasks rather than a highly sophisticated tool whom recommandations will never be implemented. »

The best Revenue Management system is the one you can trust. Romain Charié

« Beforehand, Sales and Marketing teams attract demand emphasizing the value of the product and sign contracts. Pricing specialists segment demand and build a fare range consistent with the strategy of the company. Then, Yield Management teams select the most contributing demand during peak times. And finally, Revenue Integrity ensures proper application of fare conditions. In this very order, each of them are value creators. Ask a Revenue Manager to create demand or ask a Salesman or a Saleswoman to select the most contributing revenue and the whole system collapses. Each has a role to play, let alone in small enterprises where both Yield management and Pricing are in the hands of one team. »

Sales creates demand, Pricing segments it and Yield Management selects the best of it. Pascal Niffoi

Our fundamentals

N&C’s 4 pillars



Having a car doesn’t mean you can drive it:

Above all if it is a Formula 1, which can seem impossible to drive for ordinary mortals. We believe you would take more advantage of a simple and robust application rather than a too sophisticated one.



Analysts would rather have a tool that helps in decision-making rather than help in analysing a tool’s decisions.

The Yield Analyst is the Minister of the Economy of his or her company, not its economics journalist: his or her aim is to decide, and not to comment a tools’ recommendations. Besides, a tool only reflects the human intelligence you put in it. There is no doubt that human intelligence will always surpass machines.



Let’s not cancel the positive effects of one action with a reverse action.

Pricing and Yield recommendations should be coherent with a company’s sales strategy and take consideration of the constraints of closely related offices.
There is no use implementing cancellation fees if the salesforce do not apply them.



A problem cannot be solved by ignoring its root cause.

So as not to repeat the same mistakes again and learn from the past, let’s get a thermometer that displays Yield and Pricing key performance indicators. To lower a fever, let’s start measuring it.