Tools & apps

The company process and its maturity are drivers for the selection of a RM tool

The choice of a tool is crucial for a company: if it is poorly adjusted, it turns into the promise of an underuse by the analyst despite the reality of an investment. As software publishers, we will assist you in the definition of the tool functionalities as well as users’ needs.

We provide a range of tools

Ad-hoc tools

Tailor-made tools to cope with your issues

Would you need sophisticated Excel files, Web apps or apps under Business Intelligence softwares (Qlikview, etc.), we develop specific solutions for your company.

Our mission: help you answer your questions, and go straight to the point, quickly developing a tool for a maximum return of investment.

We help you define the specification needs of the solution and develop it with the most relevant technology for the users.

Of course, we develop solutions for Yield Management and Pricing issues, but following many customers’ requests, we also develop tools for closely-related activities.

Please contact us to clarify your need.

Project Manager Assistance

Specification needs: definition of the specifications of a Revenue Management solution

We support you in the definition of the tool’s functionalities as well as users’ needs.

Beforehand or during the implementation of a Revenue Management System (RMS), we can bring you our operational experience as users of RMS and assist you for the redaction of the request for proposal or the specification needs or the definition of the tool’s specifications which is pivotal for the user.

We intervene both with the customers and the suppliers.

Deployment of market tools

Support in the Deployment of a Revenue Management solution

We assist you in deploying a market tool in your company.

When deploying a Revenue Management System Solution (RMS), it is necessary to assess its strengths and weaknesses:

  • Its strengths: what it can do alone or with little monitoring
  • Its weaknesses: what will be done by the analyst.

You should not fool yourself and never believe the tool will do everything by itself. Make the tool do what it can, and adapt yourself for the rest.

From that consideration will follow a certain organization of the team, a specific set-up, a change of the company’s processes.

Having deployed half a dozen market RMS, we are at your disposal to support you in this major step of Revenue Management maturing.

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