Our services

Overall Introduction

4 cardinal points cone off the paths where we build revenue:

The North-south axis: from strategy to operating

Strategy is the course, the compass. It is in no way the GPS. Take more of an overview, aim high, be ambitious, feel the weaknesses of the economic model, get rid of it, sense the axes for development, and dive in it. Without getting side-tracked by details. We will do all this by your side.

After that, let’s end with the « you only have to » way of thinking, we will get in the car with you. We will install/develop the tools to run your activity, and then, here we go ! Step by step. We know the path well, and even some shortcuts. It sometimes goes up, we sweat blood, but we like what we do.

This is the price for the revenue you get in the end.

We will help you define the destination and which way to take to get there. The strategy must be clear, ambitious but realistic.

When the schedule states the trip lasts 1h20, suggesting to make it in 50 minutes is not ambitious, it is suicidal.

The East-West axis: people and machine

Reconcile People and Machine… Make the tools more human, ergonomic, and intuitive. Make Human more humble, aware of their limited potential for calculations and for memory too.

We intend to get people more skilled but we provide them with easily accessible Tools.


Your pricing strategy, your competitors’, the arrival of new stakeholders make demand evolve constantly and more rapidly. To help you adapt quickly and to solve your issues with the highest ROI, we built three types of services: Consulting, Solutions, and Training

The ADD JUST procedure

Just add what you really need


What you need when you need it: the goal is to grant you the highest ROI when implementing a RM solution.

During Revenue Management maturing, the switch from an integrated solution is pivotal. But we have seen too many companies give up their tools after investing amounts of money in them because they were not adapted: because of a lay-out deficiency, or too much rigidity, because they do not integrate the company’s constraints and specificities despite the publisher’s promise, because of difficulties in the set-up, or because they were too ambitious for the RM maturity of the team.

To sort it out, N&C drew up the Add Just matrix which enables to clearly identify the quick wins, the more structuring needs for processes and tools and the schedule for implementation. We aim at blending RM in the company’s commercialization process. Proceeding step by step. But with a decisive step.

The ADD JUST procedure aims at supporting and providing you with what you need, when you need it. With what is necessary and sufficient, going straight to the point.