Revenue Integrity

Revenue Integrity monitors and checks if it does add up

When a product is not set up properly in the systems or when a discount is offered without monitoring, when penalty fees are not paid or when sales rules are not respected, the gap between the revenue you do collect and the revenue you should have collected can be abyssal.

Revenue Integrity then steps in. It identifies gaps between what has been sold and what was supposed to be sold, and gaps between what was cashed and what was theoretically cashable. It makes stakeholders improve their processes, since gaps are generally not linked with any ill will but rather with process or set-up difficulties or lack of communication, coordination or understanding.

While some misunderstand it as the battle-axe of Revenue Management & Pricing, it rather grants consistency all along the sales chain. It drives all stakeholders towards excellence when it secures processes.

It cheers up and never punishes

It measures and never watches

It clarifies and never complicates


Launch of a RI step

Apparthotel Administrator


  • Coexistence of many Information Systems
  • Permissive PMS that allow manual intervention
  • High level of distribution
  • Many irregularities identified (fraud, penalties or down payments not collected, wrong commission).


Pave the way to Revenue Integrity, provide a methodology and support teams in their choice of a tool.

In concrete terms, it consisted in:

  • Identifying and qualifying irregularity types (related to the set-up, the clarity of sales conditions, manual interventions or the calculation methods for penalties…)
  • Launching  tests on a selection of irregularities and on a narrow perimeter
  • Automating their detection with rules
  • Keeping history of irregularities and their resolution for reporting purposes
  • Elaborating KPIs for Revenue Integrity
  • Supporting the Customer in the choice of a tool (specification needs, hearings of the candidates).
Development of a tool to detect irregularities

Leader in cosmetics packaging


  • Industrial group with many factories and different ERP
  • Sales process exclusively oriented to B2B clients
  • Uncomplete contracts
  • High level of complexity of the product and sales conditions.


Automate irregularity detection during orders (minimum amount not reached, prices not indexed to raw material, component mix not respected, time limit not respected, etc.) Detect margin erosions.

In concrete terms, it consisted in:

  • Bringing together data sources coming from different Information systems
  • Enriching contratcs, general and special sales conditions
  • Detecting erosion of margins throughtout time and their cause
  • Automating detection of first irregularities at the factories.
Flash Audit

European company in the tourism sector


  • Company present in many European countries with heterogeneous processes
  • Many manual discounts
  • Low level of distribution
  • 1st audit run by the Finance office.


Enrich analyses run by the Finance office on dysfunction causes and manual discounts. Measure impacts on unconstrained dates. Make recommendations of quick wins to solve those issues.

In concrete terms, it consisted in:

  • Qualifying irregularity types by cause (gestures to customers, compensations, inadequacy of price codes, partnerships, etc.)
  • Linking discount datas with levels of constraint to assess the High Yield turnover displaced
  • Recommending solutions to contend discounts: extension of the price codes list, ask-and-validate process, automatic quantification of the requests potential.

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